Sunday, March 30, 2014

The best thing about being a State Senator is hearing interesting stories from so many very special people.

And even better when I earn their support! Thank you to William Day and all the hard working, independent thinking, freedom loving people who support & encourage me to keep up the good fight!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sanders County Republicans are ready for the Expo in Plains tomorrow.

I'll be there to talk with constituents from 10 to 3.Sent from my iPhone

Wow! In a packed house at the Flathead FRW debate last night, every single legislative candidate said they support transferring federally managed lands to the states as advocated by the American Lands Council

All 20+ Republican candidates also publicly stated they do not support the CSKT Water Compact as currently written, or Obamacare's medicaid expansion. I was glad to hear HD13 competitors fajita Bob Brown and Katy Walton agree on all 3 of these points.

PSC Commission candidate Derek Skees (pictured) emphasized the Transfer of Public Lands (TPL) issue in his speech, as did HD 13 candidate fajita Bob Brown. U.S. Congressional candidate Matt Rosendale said he not only supports TPL, he will be the point man in Washington DC to transfer control of federally managed lands away from the gridlocked east coast bureaucracy and place decision-making authority in the states where it belongs. This would mean the people of each state and their elected representatives can make the decisions over how to best address public access, use, economic production, reduce fire hazard, and protect the environment.

The Flathead Federation of Republican Women did a great job organizing the event and filling every seat in the house. Gotta give a shout out to Matt Rosendale who traveled all the way from Glendive and was the only Congressional candidate to appear at the Flathead forum last night.

I hope you all are having a great day!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Democrats win suit on technicality, stop voters from having their say on change to single ballot primary

Court blocks ‘top-two’ primary referendum from appearing on 2014 ballot::

"This referendum sought to change Montana’s primary elections by having the names of all candidates for a particular office — Democratic, Republican, Libertarian and other minor-party candidates — appear on the same ballot in the June primary. Voters would cast their ballot for someone from the full list of candidates.

The top two vote-getters for each office, regardless of party, would advance to the November general election, under the referendum."

Monday, March 24, 2014

Fifty legislators request review of Water Compact -- Sen Fielder to be at Sanders County Expo at Plains High School 10am-3pm this Saturday to discuss issues with public

by Senator Jennifer Fielder, R - Montana State Senate District 7
March 24, 2014

Agreeing each vote should be an informed vote, fifty Montana legislators recently requested independent review of the proposed CSKT (Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes) Water Compact.

You may recall the Compact failed to meet legislative approval last year. The legislature wanted to study the proposal during the off year in 2014, but the governor vetoed the bill in keeping with the tribe’s"take it or leave it” ultimatum.

Legislators have been asking for in depth professional expertise on this matter because this particular law is complicated, contentious, and if ratified it would last FOREVER. It will undoubtedly come before us again in 2015.

This year Representatives Nancy Ballance, R - Ravalli County and Keith Regier, R - Flathead County presented a legislative interim committee requesting independent studies of the Compact. One third of the entire legislature signed the request.

The tribe’s attorney testified in opposition to the studies, contending the Compact doesn’t need to be looked at any further. But many legislators feel we need unbiased information to make a responsible decision.
"When HB 629 (the proposed CSKT Compact) was introduced it had a fiscal note attached but no legal review,” Rep. Regier testified."Legal Services Office of the legislative staff provides a legal review of bills that could ‘raise potential issues based on plain constitutional language conflicts and Federal Court and Montana Supreme Court case law.’ I was surprised that off reservation water rights and the development of a new water right regulatory agency (Unitary Management Ordinance)… did not trigger a legal review.”

Regier continued,"I was told by Legal Services that a legal review was not done because there is a lack of case law in these areas. With a lack of case law on these two issues that means the CSKT Compact is breaking new ground and setting precedent that can be far reaching. That makes it imperative that legislators have as much information possible before making a decision on this compact. Having a MEPA study, private property assessment, and an economic review will make each vote an informed vote.”

Many irrigators have testified against the current proposal because it would cut their historic water use in half, jeopardizing the ability to raise productive crops. Others believe having their water rights placed under authority of a tribal entity will violate their constitutional right to equal protection under U.S. & Montana law.

The fact that the Flathead reservation was opened to white settlement has resulted in a mixed land ownership pattern of private and tribal lands within the reservation boundary. The federal government has made promises to the tribe, homesteaders, and irrigators. In some cases the federal promises are contradictory to one another.

The legislature does not convene again until 2015, so there is time to study the laws, the facts, the proposal, and the probable impacts. I will continue in any way I can to seek out thorough and unbiased review of the compact.

It’s important to note there are Indian and non-Indian people who favor the compact as well as oppose it. Moving forward with caution and seeking independent analysis to get the facts on the table is the responsible thing to do.

It would be helpful if citizens and decision makers on both sides of the issue stay informed and engaged in thoughtful review and respectful dialogue. If we do that, we may be able to solve this.
"None of the legislators are saying there shouldn’t be a compact.” Regier concluded."There are just too many unanswered questions for them to feel comfortable supporting the compact in its present form. Some legislators are comfortable in supporting the compact now. Help me and others attain that same confidence. Let’s do the studies that will answer the questions the compact raises.”

This Saturday I will be at the Sanders County Expo at Plains High School from 10am to 3pm to share detailed information on some of the top legislative issues including the CSKT Water Compact, the state’s federal land study, and nationwide efforts to transfer federally managed public lands to the states. Please stop by if you would like to discuss these or any other issues important to you. I can also be reached at

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The last row...

I started taking firewood off the last row in the woodshed today... Summer better get here soon!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Has anyone tried the Night Crawlers?

Stopped in for a cup of. Joe at the Garrison Mercantile on my way home from Helena today. Thought this menu was pretty funny ...

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Took lunch break with the Attorney General and a few colleagues today.

I appreciate our A.G. taking some time to ask if there were any issues we wanted to discuss with him while we were in town for legislative interim meetings. Pictured here is A.G. Tim Fox, Deputy A.G./legislative liaison Jon Benion, and EQC Chairman Sen John Brenden talking about efforts to control crime in the Bakken.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This brave little county is getting after it! And this is a fitting placard outside the Mineral County Commissioners' Hearing room.

At 12:40pm Weds, Mineral County Commissioners' representatives will join us at the State Capitol for the legislative hearings on the dire need to improve federal land management in NW Montana... and steps that can be taken at the state and local level to do so. The hearing will feature the success story of how Apache County, AZ went form no timber mills to five after they asserted their jurisdiction to protect the health, safety, and welfare of their citizens by demanding proper resource management on the federally controlled lands. To watch or listen to the hearings live go to, click on legislative info, click on "watch and listen", and find "live and upcoming" EQC (Environmental Quality Council).

Monday, March 17, 2014

Oh oh. Wrong lane.

Bad conditions on MacDonald Pass today. Glad I kept my snow tires on for this week's legislative meetings in Helena. Made it safe and sound:)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Celebrated St Pat's Day a little early... Now it's off to Helena for interim meetings on water, wildlife, and public lands.

Enjoyed good company, good food, and lively entertainment from this talented mother/daughter duo in the good ol' backwoods of Montana!

( Video)

ALERT CSKT Compact & Federal Lands Study mtgs March 18-19

Important legislative deliberations on the CSKT Water Compact and the SJ-15 Federal Land Study, and other natural resource topics will take place at the Montana State Capitol this week. Complete committee agendas are attached,

*Public comment is important! *I am on these committees, but I am only one voice, one vote.

TUES 1pm: WPIC (Water Policy Interim Committee) State Capitol Room 172 Amid widespread concern that the Compact Commission has provided heavily biased information, Attorney John Metropolous will provide the Flathead Irrigators' legal analysis of the proposed Compact and the recently completed Compact Commission Report.

WEDS 12:40pm: EQC (Environmental Quality Council) State Capitol Room 317 I and over 30 other Legislators will ask the EQC to order independent analysis of the socio-economic, environmental, and legal impacts associated with the proposed CSKT Water Compact in an effort to provide all legislators with thorough information about the proposed Compact BEFORE we vote for or against ratification of this forever document.

WEDS 4:15pm: EQC (Environmental Quality Council) State Capitol Room 317 As the Council considers which solutions to pursue to improve economic productivity, public access, and logical environmental protection of federally managed public lands, we will hear from the USFS on the topic of Coordination, and from private consultant Doyel Shamley of Apache County, AZ describe how Apache County asserted the state's legislative authority to protect public health, safety, and welfare associated with extreme wildfire, flood, and access restrictions emanating from federally controlled lands in the west.

If you would like to weigh in on both the CSKT Compact and the Federal Land Study, but can only come for one day, I suggest you attend EQC on Weds from 12:30 to app. 6pm.

More info is at: -- click on Interim Committees, then select EQC or Water Policy.

Senator Jennifer Fielder
Montana State Senate - District 7

Friday, March 14, 2014

'This cannot happen in a free country'

Rand Paul on alleged CIA-Senate hacking: 'This cannot happen in a free country' |

""There's an incredible arrogance to me that the CIA thinks they can spy on a committee that is providing oversight for the CIA, and I think it's a real, very serious constitutional breach," Paul said outside the Senate chamber on Thursday. "This cannot happen in a free country.""

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Update from Sen Fielder - Republicans renounce invasion of privacy

Communication from your State Senate

By Senator Jennifer Fielder, R - Montana State Senate District 7

March 12, 2014

Hooray! Republicans renounce unconstitutional invasion of privacy

The Republican National Committee recently shocked the world when they
passed a resolution denouncing rampant federal spying on the American
people. This is one of many important developments we are seeing in defense of liberty across the country.

I have to admit it remains unfathomable to me that our federal government has been so blatantly ignoring the people's rights set forth by law via the U.S. Constitution. Why Washington DC has chosen to spy on every American citizen in the name of national security, rather than properly secure the borders to stop would-be terrorists, illegal immigration, and drug runners at the point of entry is bizarre and dangerous.

But it seems an awakening as to the importance of our Constitution is
occurring on a broad scale. More citizens are becoming informed and
involved, and this is making a huge difference. Here is one of the ground breaking resolutions that passed with a large majority at the Republican National Committee winter meeting a few weeks ago:


WHEREAS, The secret surveillance program called PRISM targets, among other things, the surveillance of communications of U.S. citizens on a vast scale and monitors searching habits of virtually every American on the internet;

*WHEREAS, This dragnet program is, as far as we know, the largest
surveillance effort ever launched by a democratic government against its own citizens, consisting of the mass acquisition of Americans' call details encompassing all wireless and landline subscribers of the country's three largest phone companies*;*

*WHEREAS, Every time an American citizen makes a phone call, the NSA gets a record of the location, the number called, the time of the call and the length of the conversation; all of which are an invasion into the personal lives of American citizens that violates the right of free speech and
association afforded by the First Amendment of the United States

*WHEREAS, The mass collection and retention of personal data is in itself contrary to the right of privacy protected by the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, which guarantees the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, that warrants shall issue only upon probable cause, and generally prevents the American government from issuing modern-day
writs of assistance;*

*WHEREAS, Unwarranted government surveillance is an intrusion on basic
human rights that threatens the very foundations of a democratic society and this program represents a gross infringement of the freedom of
association and the right to privacy and goes far beyond even the
permissive limits set by the Patriot Act; and*

*WHEREAS, Republican House Representative Jim Sensenbrenner, an author of the Patriot Act and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee at the time of Section 215's passage, called the Section 215 surveillance program "an abuse of that law," writing that, "based on the scope of the released
order, both the administration and the FISA (Foreign Intelligence
Surveillance Act) court are relying on an unbounded interpretation of the act that Congress never intended;" Therefore be it*

*RESOLVED, The Republican National Committee encourages Republican
lawmakers to enact legislation to amend Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act, the state secrets privilege and the FISA Amendments Act to make it clear that blanket surveillance of the Internet activity, phone records and
correspondence - electronic, physical, and otherwise - of any person
residing in the U.S. is prohibited by law and that violations can be
reviewed in adversarial proceedings before a public court;*

*RESOLVED, The Republican National Committee encourages Republican law
makers to call for a special committee to investigate, report, and reveal to the public the extent of this domestic spying and the committee should create specific recommendations for legal and regulatory reform to end
unconstitutional surveillance as well as hold accountable those public
officials who are found to be responsible for this unconstitutional
surveillance; and *

*RESOLVED, The Republican National Committee calls upon Republican
lawmakers to immediately take action to halt current unconstitutional
surveillance programs and provide a full public accounting of the NSA's data collection programs.*

We must all continue to exert our efforts to see that our government
follows the U.S. & Montana Constitutions in protection of our privacy and in every other regard. If we the people don't know the rules, it is
difficult to make the government follow them. And that is why our
government has grown to be so overbearing, inefficient, and out of control.

For your convenience, a copy of both Constitutions and a searchable data base of all Montana laws is available at

If you would like to connect with me directly, please be sure to register at this new constituent outreach site AND also use any if the icons near the top of my web site so we can keep in touch via social media.

Thanks and God Bless,

Senator Jennifer Fielder
Montana State Senate - District 7

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beats a treadmill...

Nice to get outside for a stretch now that the crust is softened up. A coyote has been running deer on our place so I decided to go run the coyote. And boy did he run. Followed a fast track until he tuckered me out.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

History lesson — 'Taking back' federal lands

Deseret News:

"“If this proposed gift included all the public lands except the national parks and if it carried with it all the minerals therein contained, I am sure we would all rise up and rejoice over an act of justice long deferred. Leaving legalistic technicalities out of consideration, the States of the West have always felt that every State that is admitted into the Union on an equal footing with the original thirteen States is the rightful sovereign over all the lands within its borders, including everything above and beneath the surface.”"

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Went to a presentation called "Surviving Obamacare 101" in Plains, MT tonight.

Former State Sen Joe Balyeat did an excellent job explaining the individual and employer mandates, tax & penalty implications, and 21 different exemptions. He also predicts that Obamacare will implode within 3 years because costs are too high and the economics are unsustainable. More info can be found at

Monday, March 3, 2014

Drug runners and terrorists using "protected" federal lands to sneak into U.S.A.

THE WESTERNER: The plunge toward border

"“We need to learn from our previous mistakes of designating protected lands anywhere near the border,” he lectures."Those protected lands just become a conduit for transnational criminal organizations … every time and every place.”"

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wrapped up the MTGOP Winter Kick Off with Attorney General Tim Fox in Helena this evening.

Wow! Great turn out for the workshops and Exec Meetings this weekend... and really exciting to meet the great crop of young conservative candidates emerging in the MTGOP this year! A.G. Fox offered excellent campaign advice and encouragement to all who braved the weather to take part in the conference. Thank you @Tim Fox and all who made the event a success!

Made it through the storm to Helena! Carpooled with HD13 candidate 'fajita' Bob Brown who is pictured listening as Senate Majority Leader Art Wittich and Senator/US Congressional Corey Stapleton discuss the differences between politicians who serve the people we'll and those who don't.

In his scorching speech at the MTGOP Winter Kick Off last night, Stapleton used his time to call out the self proclaimed "Responsible Republicans" of the Montana Legislature for their attacks on m Montana conservatives. Afterwards he visits with Bob Brown and Senate Majority Leader Wittich, who is rated as the most conservative Senator in Montana due to his fervent defense of the people's liberty and of lowering state spending. He is a man who serves the people, not himself. Fajita Bob will be that kind of excellent representative too. Very grateful to see people of selfless integrity stepping up to serve in our government.