Sunday, March 16, 2014

ALERT CSKT Compact & Federal Lands Study mtgs March 18-19

Important legislative deliberations on the CSKT Water Compact and the SJ-15 Federal Land Study, and other natural resource topics will take place at the Montana State Capitol this week. Complete committee agendas are attached,

*Public comment is important! *I am on these committees, but I am only one voice, one vote.

TUES 1pm: WPIC (Water Policy Interim Committee) State Capitol Room 172 Amid widespread concern that the Compact Commission has provided heavily biased information, Attorney John Metropolous will provide the Flathead Irrigators' legal analysis of the proposed Compact and the recently completed Compact Commission Report.

WEDS 12:40pm: EQC (Environmental Quality Council) State Capitol Room 317 I and over 30 other Legislators will ask the EQC to order independent analysis of the socio-economic, environmental, and legal impacts associated with the proposed CSKT Water Compact in an effort to provide all legislators with thorough information about the proposed Compact BEFORE we vote for or against ratification of this forever document.

WEDS 4:15pm: EQC (Environmental Quality Council) State Capitol Room 317 As the Council considers which solutions to pursue to improve economic productivity, public access, and logical environmental protection of federally managed public lands, we will hear from the USFS on the topic of Coordination, and from private consultant Doyel Shamley of Apache County, AZ describe how Apache County asserted the state's legislative authority to protect public health, safety, and welfare associated with extreme wildfire, flood, and access restrictions emanating from federally controlled lands in the west.

If you would like to weigh in on both the CSKT Compact and the Federal Land Study, but can only come for one day, I suggest you attend EQC on Weds from 12:30 to app. 6pm.

More info is at: -- click on Interim Committees, then select EQC or Water Policy.

Senator Jennifer Fielder
Montana State Senate - District 7

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