Saturday, March 1, 2014

Made it through the storm to Helena! Carpooled with HD13 candidate 'fajita' Bob Brown who is pictured listening as Senate Majority Leader Art Wittich and Senator/US Congressional Corey Stapleton discuss the differences between politicians who serve the people we'll and those who don't.

In his scorching speech at the MTGOP Winter Kick Off last night, Stapleton used his time to call out the self proclaimed "Responsible Republicans" of the Montana Legislature for their attacks on m Montana conservatives. Afterwards he visits with Bob Brown and Senate Majority Leader Wittich, who is rated as the most conservative Senator in Montana due to his fervent defense of the people's liberty and of lowering state spending. He is a man who serves the people, not himself. Fajita Bob will be that kind of excellent representative too. Very grateful to see people of selfless integrity stepping up to serve in our government.

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