Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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Veterans deserve more than thanks

August 26, 2014

By Senator Jennifer Fielder, Thompson Falls


Events like the annual Patriotic Concert in Thompson Falls are such a
special opportunity to gather with folks of all ages and all political
persuasions to do one very positive thing together: honor our United States military service men and women.

I am happy to donate funds to help Redemption Ranch Fellowship of Christ sponsor this annual BBQ, veteran recognition program, and musical
performance. In fact it was attendance at this event in 2012 that inspired me to pledge half of my legislative salary to good causes such as this. It was an honor to be able to support the Tri State Veterans Stand Down in Trout Creek earlier this summer as well.

This year as I moved along the receiving line at the Patriotic Picnic,
thanking each veteran for his service, I thought to myself how irrelevant it was whether the men I thanked were Democrat or Republican. The bottom line is they are Americans, and they stepped up and gave a big chunk of their life to serve our country. For that they deserve our respect and

We should always remember that some never came home, and the ones that did were impacted for life by the experience. Whether they served in the worst of war time, on covert missions they will never get credit for, or in peace time operations, the fact is they committed a significant portion of their life to the service of our country.

Military service is not just a job, and it’s not just an adventure either. It is a commitment to place your life entirely into the hands of others for a period of years, leave everything you cherish behind, standing in harm’s way if need be, and defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.

During this year’s Patriotic Concert in a local park, I had the honor of presenting a small gift to members of Thompson Falls VFW. It was a framed photo from last year’s event that captured the color guard standing at
sharp attention, complete with flags and rifles held in a ceremonial
stance. Musician Linda Lanier stood proudly in the middle of the uniformed men, and the scenic Clark Fork River shimmered in the background. Two state senators, myself and Senator Matt Rosendale, were kneeling down in front of them on the soft green grass.

As I presented the gift, I told the retired soldiers what I liked most
about the photo is the fact that they are standing tall, and the senators are kneeling."That’s how it should be”, I said."You served our country, and we serve you.”

And that truly is the way I look at my duty as your elected representative. It is my job to serve the interests of the people the best I can, in
alignment with the required oath of office to uphold the United States an Montana Constitutions -- whether you are a veteran or not, a Democrat,
Independent, Republican, Libertarian, Green, or none of the above.

To those of you who serve or served honorably in the U.S. Military, or lost a loved one in service to our nation: You have my deepest thanks and
sincerest sympathies for the hardships you endured. I hope we see more of you at future events like the Tri State Stand Down and Patriotic Concert so we can recognize your service and thank you in person!

I pray the efforts of public servants charged with administering veterans benefits will do right by each and every one of you. I know there is a lot of room for improvement there.

For regular updates on a variety of issues, or to tell me what is most
important to you, please connect with me at www.jenniferfielder.us, and/or friend me on facebook www.facebook.com/jennifer.fielder.522

Thank you and God Bless America.

Senator Jennifer Fielder
Montana State Senate - District 7


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lots of people signing the petition to transfer federally managed public lands to the state.

Enjoying the day at Northwest Montana Fair with Montanans for Multiple Use.Sent from my iPhone


A blessed morning in Senate District 7.

Property Rights Conference in Billings was excellent, but it sure is nice to be back home again. I'll be spending the day at Flathead County Fair with Montanans for Multiple Use in Kalispel today. Come see me if you're in the area.


Monday, August 11, 2014

Fwd: SD 7 Column

Property rights conference to feature bison, grouse, and water compact
August 11, 2014

By Senator Jennifer Fielder, Thompson Falls


You may be surprised that Montana State legislators are only paid for the days we are officially in session, which is typically January through April every odd winter plus a few interim committee meetings. Our salary for these official work days is roughly $83/day.

On all those other days, like now, I visit with constituents, study stacks of reading materials, sift through heaps of letters and emails, and attend local, state, and national meetings on my own time.

Whether it is a local festival or a national legislative council, I feel it is important to go out of my way to interact with a lot of people so I can learn as much as I can about key issues and do the best I can to understand and represent the interests of Montanans. In addition to gathering input from local citizens, this past year I have invested a great deal of my time with some of the top land, water, and constitutional experts in America.

This week I will drive to Billings to attend a Property Rights Conference featuring a range of issues including impacts of free-roaming bison on
private property, how best to manage sage grouse populations to prevent another economically devastating Endangered Species Act listing, and the Flathead Water Compact’s potential effect on water rights throughout the state.

One of the key note speakers will be William Perry Pendley, President and COO of the Mountain States Legal Foundation. I am particularly interested in his perspectives on land and water law given his biography which states he received a"J.D. from the University of Wyoming College of Law, where he was Senior Editor on Land and Water Law Review. During the Reagan
Administration, he served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy and
Minerals of the Department of Interior, where he authored President
Reagan’s National Minerals Policy and Exclusive Economic Zone proclamation. He has argued cases before the Supreme Court of the United States as well as various federal courts of appeals; he won what Time called a"legal earthquake” when the Supreme Court ruled in his favor in the historic
Adarand (equal protection) case.”

Another featured speaker will be Paul Beard, a Principal Attorney in the Pacific Legal Foundation’s Property Rights Group. According to his
biography, Mr. Beard oversees litigation against land-use agencies"that violate landowners’ private property rights. His cases on behalf of
property owners include challenges to unconstitutional conditions on
land-use permits and the unlawful assertion of jurisdiction by land-use agencies over private property and its development.

In 2013, he argued and won a landmark property rights case before the
United States Supreme Court: Koontz v. St Johns River Water Management
District. Koontz is PLF’s seventh consecutive win before the High Court.”

I will also be hearing from Dr. Andrew P. Morriss, J.D., Ph.D, dean of the Texas A&M University School of Law. His scholarly work includes"analysis of state eminent domain laws as they relate to growth in modern energy and communications infrastructure. In a recent working paper on the topic, Dr. Morriss and his co-authors suggest several policy alternatives that would enhance the rights of property owners facing the eminent domain process.”

Early next month I have been invited to Denver, CO to debate the pros and cons of state versus federal land management with President Obama’s former Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar. I’ll have to give up opening week of elk archery season for that treat, followed by several days on official assignment in Helena with Montana's Water Policy Interim Committee and
Environmental Quality Council.

Relatively speaking, this is a light month. Even so, it will be a busy few weeks. If you need to reach me, try email at sen.jfielder@legmt.gov or sign in and leave your comments on my web site at www.jenniferfielder.us

Thanks, and God Bless!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Having fun with Sanders County Republicans at the Huckleberry Festival Parade in Trout Creek this weekend!

The local Republican Committee met last week to hear from county candidates and voted to recommend Wayne Egbert (standing) for County Coroner and Carol Turk (riding in car behind) for County Treasurer. Sheriff Tom Rummell, Bob Brown -Republican nominee for House District 13 and Nicholas Schwaderer for House District 14 also have our enthusiastic support!


Message from MT State Senator Jennifer Fielder (/jenniferfielder) at CHUMLY

Having fun with Sanders County Republicans riding in the HuckleberryFestival Parade at Trout Creek, MT this weekend!:: The local Republican Committee met last week to hear from county candidatesand voted to recommend Wayne Egbert (standing) for County Coroner and CarolTurk (riding in car behind photographer) for County Treasurer. Sheriff TomRummell, Bob Brown - Republican nominee for House District 13 and NicholasSchwaderer for House District 14 also have our enthusiastic support!

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