Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bill would expand renewable-power systems | Electric Power News | Energy Central

"Sen. Jennifer Fielder, R-Thompson Falls, is sponsoring Senate Bill 134, which would allow a customer with several meters to net-meter all of them from one power system.
"It just opens up more opportunities for individuals to have self-sufficient energy systems on their property," she says, such as farms or other rural property owners.
Fielder says a utility lobbyist told her the company has "zero tolerance" against any new net-metering.
"I don't think they like the competition," she says."

Monday, January 19, 2015

Colorado lawmakers look to ban asset seizures without convictions | Fox News foxnews/politics (Internal - Politics - Text)

"“They were seizing for salaries and policing for profit,” Woods said."Police departments saw (asset forfeiture) as a new stream of revenue and my predecessors have abdicated their responsibility because the executive branch raised and spent money without legislative oversight.”"

Monday, January 12, 2015

Update from Sen Fielder - Investing in Independence

*This week a 5 minute video update with Sen Fielder from the Montana capitol can be viewed at: <

Investing in Independence

By Senator Jennifer Fielder, R-Thompson Falls, MT


Just like farmers, we reap what we sow. This age-old"law of the harvest” never changes.

Sadly, in much of rural Montana many families are suffering from poverty and hopelessness. Although we are literally surrounded by a world of natural wealth, we can’t access it. In Northwest Montana we have abundant precious mineral deposits, vast timber lands, and endless outdoor recreation opportunities.

But the bulk of these resources are locked up on federally controlled lands.

And since the federal government doesn’t pay property taxes on the 29 million acres they own in Montana, our taxable land base is that much smaller. Needlessly, local governments are strained and our region consistently tops the state’s poverty and unemployment charts.

Bad government is the single greatest obstacle to freedom and prosperity, while good government can be a tremendous facilitator of opportunities. Here in rural America, we have the knowledge and ability to put our abundant natural resources to work in a manner that balances environmental quality with economic productivity. We simply lack the political knowledge and courage to do so.

Whiles some clamor for me to invest my time in expanding welfare programs for the able-bodied, my efforts in the legislature are geared at real solutions to the poverty problem. I am investing in independence by working to remove bureaucratic barriers, restore hope, and unleash opportunity so Montanans can live free and prosper as self-reliant individuals. I want able bodied people to have access to better paying jobs, not a lifetime of poverty driven welfare.

It should never be our goal to place able-bodied people on welfare.
Offering welfare instead of opening opportunities for good paying jobs does not encourage self-reliance or facilitate prosperity. On the contrary, it dangerously increases dependence on government and diminishes the
motivation to provide for oneself. These tendencies have a stark history of destroying individuals as well as entire societies.

This is perhaps the greatest philosophical difference between Republicans and Democrats. I believe we can do better as independent, self reliant individuals. And we must if we are to thrive as a society in both the short and long term. I am working on a number of pieces of legislation to pump up the economy and protect the life, liberty, and property of Montanans. If Democrats choose to work with me, there is no limit to how much good we can do.

There are many efforts I am engaged in, including protection of data privacy, prevention of child sexual assault, tax relief, reforming healthcare, controlling invasive weeds in our waterways, defending people’s property and water rights, expanding self-sufficient energy system opportunities, and resolving the major shortcomings of the CSKT Water Compact.

Restoring access, health and productivity on public lands remains extremely high on my list as it may be the single most tangible thing we can do right now to enhance the freedom and prosperity of rural Montanans. Here are a few snippets of the public lands related legislative efforts I am working on this session:

Public Lands Package:

· strengthen local citizens control over public land management decisions
· improve public access, environmental health, and economic
productivity on our public lands
· provide relief to counties adversely impacted by federal land ownership
· aid counties in incorporating local objectives into state and federal land use plans and actions
· fully fund payment in lieu of taxes (PILT)
· develop long term plan to transfer certain federal lands to the state
· maximize scientific integrity as relates to environmental policy and regulation

I can not promise it will be easy, but investing in independence is definitely worth the effort.

While the legislature is in session over the next few months, please catch my daily updates and connect with me at, find me on facebook at, or leave a
message by phone at 406 444-4800.

The entire Montana legislative process can be followed online at

Thanks, and God Bless,

Senator Jennifer Fielder
Montana State Senate - District 7

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Left, Right, and Center? (W/Sen Phillips and Rep Wittich)

Working with both ends of the political spectrum to expand opportunities for independent energy systems for self reliant individuals, farms, and multi-family housing. See LC 295 for details.

Breaking News: House Democrats moved to change rules so the CSKT Compact and Medicaid Expansion can be pulled from committee without a public hearing. This will likely only be used when the "fix" is in.

This just passed. Bad news IMO.Sent from my iPhone

State Administration working hard... My district counterpart Fajita Bob Brown in action front right.

Environmental lobbyists on duty from day 1 in Senate Natural Resources Committee.

The Green Industry is a Multi billion dollar industry. No bills were scheduled for hearing yesterday and they did not testify, but they are paid to be there every day anyway so here they are. All those empty seats are reminders of who I represent - citizens who are not paid to be there.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Fwd: Montana's Legislature is in Session

Today, Montana's Legislature was called to order at the State Capitol in Helena, MT for the 2015 legislative session which will run from Jan through April. I am happy to report the mood within the building seemed to be
extraordinarily positive and hopeful, although we have a monumental
mountain of work ahead, which will require our attention 12-14 hours per day, 5-6 days a week over the next four months while we are officially

During this time I encourage you to take part in YOUR government by
contacting legislators, tracking bills, watching or listening to committee hearings and floor debates, researching laws, or accessing the entire
legislative process online at You can also get a more personalized, inside scoop by following me at or connecting with me via your favorite social
media. Today I posted a quick snap shot I took as the session kicked off with the posting of colors in the Senate Chamber.

Attached you'll find the Republican Action Plan, designed by Montana House and Senate members which outlines our primary areas of legislative focus for this session. Below is an excerpt from that plan with a quick overview of the areas of focus where most of our effort will be this session. If our Governor decides to work with us, I have no doubt we will accomplish
amazing things for the people of Montana.

Strengthen Jobs and the Economy
"Make Montana a better place to live, work and do business.”

• Tax relief
• Regulatory reform
• End wasteful government spending
• Support solutions to create a business-friendly Montana

Put Students and Parents First
"Stand-up for families by providing the educational tools needed for
individual success.”

• Expand student and parent choice
• Invest in state-of-the-art learning infrastructure
• Focus on a learning experience catered to individual needs
• Encourage an accountable, affordable, and innovative higher education system

Safeguard Healthcare Options
"Build a stable healthcare system that Montanans can count on for the long-term.”
• Protect consumer-driven options
• Make healthcare affordable and accessible
• Ensure the long-term stability of Montana’s healthcare system

Protect Rights and Individual Freedom
"Preserve the line separating personal freedom from government intrusion.” AREAS OF LEGISLATIVE FOCUS
• Defend private property rights
• Preserve Constitutional rights
• Protect privacy
• Fight regulatory takings
• Standing against government overreach

Senator Jennifer Fielder, R-Thompson Falls
Montana State Senate - District 7

Montana Legislature Top issues for 2015 session

"Transfer federal lands to state
[Speaker of the House] Knudsen said he supports a bill that would allow a legislative committee to do more thorough research on transferring federal lands to the state for management. The Montana GOP passed a resolution last year supporting the transfer."

Montana's 2015 Legislature is now in session. May God bled us and guide us.